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Benefits of Buying Istanbul Apartments for Sale

Posted by admin the power on 10 October 2022

One of the best investments is buying an apartment. While buying an apartment, you look for many features. Location is as important as the apartment’s other features. Therefore, when you decide to buy an apartment, you should look for its location. Apartments Location provides you with comfortable and calm life and gives economic and social advantages. At this point, Istanbul is the correct city for investment. Istanbul locates between the east and west. This city has many features with construction projects, creating the most famous articular buildings and new investment opportunities. Therefore, investment in this city is the correct decision. In this article, we mention the benefits of buying Istanbul for-sale apartments.

Profitable Investment Opportunity

Istanbul is the bigger city in Turkiye and has high trade volume. Therefore, buying apartments for sale in Istanbul can be very profitable. From the past to today, Istanbul has been a commercial centre, particularly in maritime trade. Thus, if you think both buying an apartment and making an investment, you should prefer Istanbul.

Inheritance Taxes Advantages

The Turkish government exempts the inheritance tax of property inherited by the children of foreign testators, unlike other European countries that tax the inheritance of foreigners. A lower percentage profit whenever the property price decreases and ranges between (1% – 10%).

Istanbul apartments for sale

Getting a Turkish Citizenship

By buying Istanbul apartments for sale, you can get citizenship from Turkiye, which has beautiful nature, historical background, and tourism diversity. According to the citizenship law, foreigners can obtain investment citizenship fastest without waiting. If a foreign investor buys 400.000 USD valued property and promises to keep it in their hand for three years, thus you can get fastly Turkish Citizenship with first-degree family members.

Istanbul apartments for sale citzenship

There are many apartments suitable for getting Turkish citizenship in The Power International.

Advance Transportation Network

There are many different and functional means of transportation in Istanbul. These vehicles provide you with comfortable travel within the city. When you want, you can travel everywhere within Istanbul. In the below picture, you can see the Istanbul transit network map. As seen on the below map, there are many means of transportation in Istanbul. In addition to these means of transportation, from cab to Metrobus, there are other means of transportation in Istanbul.

Istanbul apartments for sale, Advance Transportation network.

Historical and Cultural Background

Hosting many different civilizations, Istanbul is a city that has a historical background. From Romans to Ottomans, many rooted empires have shaped this city with their cultural richness. Thus, while you are living in Istanbul, you feel the history.

How to buy Istanbul Apartments for Sale

If you want to own an apartment in Istanbul, you can contact The Power International, a company that serves people with both investment opportunities and citizenship. The Power International includes very strong and diverse expert teams. These teams consist of lawyers, advisors, and sales experts. They help you with any problems and answer questions. Besides, in The Power International, there are very different investment chances.

To get more information, you can fill out the contact form.

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